Sending money to Alice


In today's special topic we think about money.

Not what money is, just how to move it from one hand to the other.

We have two participants, Alice and Bob. Bob wants to send money to Alice.

Sending 100$ to Alice

Option 1: Cash

Cash is nice, they just need somehow to exchange the physical bill or bills. 

Caveat: Physically encounter

Option 2: Wire transfer

Wire transfer is nice, they just need to exchange ISO 1316 numbers and they can transfer the money, providing their respective banks are somehow connected, probably through SWIFT.

Caveat: Now at least 3 actors are involved, Alice, Bob, the bank.

Option 2': Credit Card transfer

If Alice is a registered merchant, she could accept credit card payments.

Caveat: A bank, and the credit card scheme know about their transaction.

Option 3: Oldschool, Checks

If Alice has a Bank that can transform paper checks into money then Bob can send her checks.

Caveat: A bank is involved and physical transfer. Behind the scenes probably equals to wire transfer.

Option 4: Shady Card Prepaid

Bob could buy a prepaid card and send that card to Alice.

Caveat: More contrived than cash, not sure what the advantage is, maybe Alice can spend it easier than cash ?

Option 5: Private service

A service to exchange money could be used such as PayPal or WesternUnion, behind the scene it could ressemble a lot to a credit card money exchange.

Option 6: Money equivalent

Bob could buy 100$ worth of something and send that to Alice.

This includes buying an object, a jewellery, gold, silver, copper, or maybe some other form of commodity stock from a company or perhaps even bitcoin or similar.

Sending 100 000$ to Alice

Previous options apply, however it will probably be problematic, 100k in bills takes a lot of space I guess, never seen it actually.

Wire transfer requires removing restrictions on the bank.

Money equivalent becomes interesting but might involve paperwork, for example for a car or a house.

Inspired by watching the TV show Billions.

Any suggestions to exchange money ?

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