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Find below a list of amazing websites maintained by sailors around the world.

Explore those sites to find out more about sailing around the world and the cruising lifestyle

    • After finishing their design studies a couple, Haitian Kika and Canadian Dan fully refit an old boat and sail around the world. Best guys ever probably.
    • Boat: Pearson 36, 1972
    • Specific: Hardcore boat refitters they rebuild the inside of the boat, setup an electric engine from a forklift, refit the outdoors of the boat, add solar panels and then switch for an oceanvolt engine. Amazing video gear and skills to use it, great video editing skills. AMAZING.
    • Berliners sail around the med, very humorous
    • Boat: Beneteau Oceanis 361, 2001
    • Specific: Normal people somehow leave their dream and share it.
    • Software Engineer changes his life and sails around
    • Boat: Amel Super Maramu, 2000
    • Specific: Lots of nerdy info
    • Serbian Daniela lifecoach sportwoman doctor, French guy Marvin lifecoach sportguy and petty officer, and their daughter Tara buy boat and sail around.
    • Boat: Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 473, 200X
    • Specific: Heavy French accent on Marvin side, quality videos and rand
    • Former reporter and her cameraman sail around the world
    • Boat: Hans Christian 48T, 2000
    • Specific: Very british accent, interested in local scenery, slight physical handicap
    • Australian lad gets injured at work, comes to Europe to buy a sailboat in Italy, meets a gorgeous hobo Elayna in Greece, gets a catamaran deal, becomes a dad "Lenny boy" and makes lots of friends traveling the world.
    • Boat 1: Beneteau Cyclades 44, 2007
    • Boat 2: Outremer 45, 2019
    • Specific: Very good attitude, a good reminder that there is no such thing as "too good to be true"
    • Young german couple of determined adventurers, went biking for 2 years and now live on a boat and make videos among other things.
    • Boat: Oceanis 390
    • Specific: German, many german related jokes and information, met them in Sardegna, super nice
    • A former pilot changes his life and sails around with his 2 cute dogs.
    • Boat 1: Monohull ...
    • Boat 2: Catamaran
    • Boat 3: CT 56
    • Specific: American, raunchy, super technical sometimes

No longer active but enjoyed the ride:

The purpose of this page is to share my interest in the topic of cruising, sailing around the world, the costs, skills, techniques associated with that adventure or lifestyle.

Feel free to comment, I'll happily respond and potentially edit this post should there be any offending material.

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