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Ways to exit VIM

VIM is a great text editor but it can be confusing at the begin.

Exchange files over LAN

A very neat trick to share files over a LAN.

Training for happiness

Today my interest focuses on ways to self improve. I almost always strive to improve, through simple repetition and training it's possible to shape one's own behavior to get better at life.


The following is a few reminders on networking basics I find useful when connected to a computer supporting Unix interactions on a command line interface.

[COMMAND LINE] Processes

Display currently running processes.

ps -ef
ps aux
ps -ef | grep firefox # only information about a specific process

List running processes and resources consumption


Find program using file

lsof path/to/file

Find files used by program

lsof -c <program_name>
lsof -p <PID>

Which program is listening on port

lsof -i :<port>

Terminate a process

kill <PID> # PID Program IDentifier can be obtained from ps
killall <program_name>